1. Purpose of the terms
This Terms of Use (terms) is applied to when subscribers use “Gomutimes electronic edition” (service) members-only online information service operated by Gomutimes Co.Ltd. (we).

2. Change in Terms
We may change the terms without obtaining the approval of members. The change notification will show on the website of “Gomutimes electronic edition”, and it shall take effect from the day.

3. Payment and service charge
Charge for this service shall be charged to the member, based on usage fee.
The way of payment of the usage fee is creditand payment of invoice.
Even if you can’t use this service temporarily for failures of equipment of us and net service providers, we do not do discount.

4. Automatic update of the contract
If there is no offer of maturity of the “Agreement” from the memberduring the term of the contract, we consider that the member have agreed to automatically update under the same conditions “Agreement”.

5.Prohibited matter
In order to use the Service, the Member is prohibited in the following :
To use or display our copyright of this service or the trademarks without the permission.
To edit, tampere, reprint, copy, distribute, and resell any information that is provided by the use of the Service, regardless of for profit or free of charge.

August 01, 2012 Creation

It applies in agreement with terms of service